Educational Worksheets

Designed several educational worksheets for Education website. Here are a very small sample of worksheets that I have created.

I was often given opportunities to design original content, as long as it was age appropriate. I mostly worked on content for Pre-K to Second grade students. Worksheet types include math, sciences, puzzle, coloring sheet, craft, social studies, and more. Also created various artwork for this Education website’s purposes.

Created in Adobe Illustrator for print and mobile use.

Here is a testimonial from the Editor that I worked with during my time at this Education website:
I worked with Lisa for several years at, and she’s an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did she have a perfect sense of our style and the kind of designs that would appeal to our customers, she was a font of creativity, often generating her own ideas for assignments. She’s an upbeat employee and very intuitive artist who, no matter the project, puts her all into it.”
Jody Amable